Workshop: Applying Advanced Metrics to Your Process

When entering a regular-sized KBO GPP (5,000+ entries), it's possible that you don't even have to remove a single player from your pool (especially in MME). Now for MLB, it's usually wise to remove several individual batters that don't present us with a certain level of upside/value. Reason being, there's 30 teams as opposed to KBO's 10. There are numerous factors we have to weigh when determining if a player makes our cut. Does he have upside? If not, does he bring us enough value where it allows us to stack the rest of our lineup with some studs?

Here's one scenario you've likely encountered on several occasions:

Do I A. fit in this scrub in order to pay up for stud(s)? Or

B. Should I have a more balanced lineup and not worry about paying down/up?

The answer? It depends on the context of the slate and the contests you'll be entering. I know, sounds like a cop-out, huh? Let me explain further.