Working The Seam: Week 5

To those of you who were with us last year, welcome back! For the newcomers, it's our pleasure to have you here with us. The purpose of this article is to bring you a more in depth look at the WR plays around the industry for the upcoming week. We will cover the best & worst match ups, noteworthy trends, leverage plays, & even value plays for the week.

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Best Matchups

Tyreek Hill: He's scored a TD in every game this season but a lot of people wouldn't know that unless they have him on their fantasy teams. None of Hill's TD's have been the slate breaking 60 yard bombs from Mahomes that we are used to seeing. However, that could all change this week in the projected shootout against the Raiders at home (Implied Total 56) . PFF has Hill with one of the best WR/CB matchup on the slate as he is going to be lined up against Lamarcus Joyner. We picked on Joyner plenty last season as he had one of the worst PFF grades I've ever come across (44.4), & we will look to pick up where we left off as his grade to kick off this season hasn't been much better (55.2). In the slot coverage Joyner has allowed 15 of 21 targets to be caught for 150 yards (8th most in the league) & 93 of those yards have come after the catch. Even if Hill moves out of the slot for a couple of plays & Joyner isn't covering him, the rest of the Ra