Working The Seam: Week 11

To those of you who were with us last year, welcome back! For the newcomers, it's our pleasure to have you here with us. The purpose of this article is to bring you a more in depth look at the WR plays around the industry for the upcoming week. We will cover the best & worst match ups, noteworthy trends, leverage plays, & even value plays for the week.

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Best Matchups

Michael Thomas: There's no sugarcoating it, Thomas' season has been a massive disappointment. Not only has Thomas missing 6 games with a hamstring injury & a team suspension been disappointing, but the fact that in the 3 games he's played in he's failed to surpass 5+ receptions, 60 yards, or even score a TD is just as bad. After reading that you're probably wondering why I am have him in here? Well, it's because in steps the perfect QB who should UNLOCK MT this weekend against ATL, Jameis Winston. Winston isn't an elite QB by any means but he's a YOLO gunslinger who is going to give Thomas exactly what he needs, Air Yards & Target Depth. Even last week in a lackluster performance Thomas accounted for 62% of his team's Air Yards. If Thomas could remain near that Air Yards Share% in what is expected to be a shootout against ATL this weekend, lookout. Kendall Sheffield is going to attempt to cover MT this weekend & that's great news for anyone who plans on rostering him. Among all corners who have played in at least 20% of 692 NFL snaps, Kendall Sheffield ranks 126th out of 128 qualified corners in coverage.

ADDED: WELP, with the news that Hill is now starting, my excitement on MT has been toned down quite a bit. Nonetheless, the matchup isn't changing for him so if Hill decides to throw a little more than we are used to seeing, then MT should stand as the prime beneficiary in the change of their approach. As a bonus, with the change to Hill I would also expect MT's ownership to take a dip.