Winning Lineup: I'm Back!

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Woooooooooo!!!!! Finally. This felt like the longest month of my life haha. Yes, I didn't win it all but there is very little to complain about on a $27,000 dollar day.

Ok first thing to break down is the lineup structure. The end result is a very odd 4-2-1-1 stack with the main focus being the Indians. It wasn't my initial intention as my goal was a 5-2-1 but the Indians initial catcher wasn't in the lineup so I had to pivot to A.Romine last second. The other thing was a Carlos Santana late scratch that THANK GOD I was paying attention to. I had to sub in Jake Bauers last second as well and both those moves gave me the 29 points I needed to finish in the top 2.

It goes to show you just how lucky someone has to be on top of being actually talented at this game. I also left in the %s I had rostered of each player. As you see I went heavy on the Indians and Red Sox. My main guy was actually JD Martinez that I had written up, LOVED him yesterday and he was barely owned, it was baffling to me. I wish I knew that they would be THAT low owned and I would have gone in even heavier. With Betts, even though he wasn't my MAIN target, it shows you how much correlation does matter. In my optimizer settings, I set it to 80% of my lineups being either a 5-3, 5-2-1, or a 5-1-1-1.

This was initially a 5 man Indians Stack with 2 Red Sox and 1 Twin.

Here were my top 3 teams I had put on the Leverage Corner. They all ended up being the pieces attached that pushed me away from the heard. I ended up settling on the Indians in some lineups because the wind was blowing out and I had Lindor ranked as my #1 SS so it seemed like a good stack to go with.