WFBC Seat #6 Tied

So I decided to share this just to show you all how to find the information directly from my content. If I eventually win this tie-breaker I'll be able to go deeper into this review but for right now I need to stay on my toes because FanDuel just sent me a message to determine the winner of Q #103 they will do a private head to head matchup with me and the user who tied with me. It is very frustrating to put up 275+ and now have to battle variance and another user on a random head to head matchup that can come "At any point in the next 72 hours" lol so dumb. I can't even start preparing for this now because they won't tell me when they will do this contest, it can literally be the Monday "Very early slate" for all I know.

Ok, thank you for letting me vent my frustrations. Without further ado here is the lineup that has given me a chance.

As you see both my stacks went HAM. 16 runs for TB and 13 runs for LAA. I chose Cole who I had listed as my 2nd overall pitcher and what was the most talented pitcher on th