Week 5 Strategy: Core Plays

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

QB Core: D.Watson, M.Ryan, C.Wentz

QB Secondary Core: A.Dalton, T.Brady, A.Rodgers, L.Jackson D.Prescott

QB Dart Throws: K.Murray, K.Cousins

Notes: My QB pool will be very condensed tomorrow. It's one of those weekends where my ownership is going to be heavily concentrated on a few main plays and if it works out awesome, if it doesn't we'll know right away. Everything sets up for Watson and Ryan to have an air it out battle. Wentz thrives in these positions (Favorite at home). Look at Week 1 vs. the Redskins, that is the type of game I see incoming for Carson. I like throwing some shots to at least have some exposure elsewhere,

RB Core: D.Johnson, Z.Elliott, D.Cook, C.McCaffery, D.Montgomery

RB Secondary Core: L.Fournette, A.Ekeler, J.Mixon, D.Henry


RB Third Tier Core: P.Lindsay, D.Freeman, M.Ingram, L.Bell, J.Conner

RB Dart Throws: