Week 2 Strategy: Main Slate

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

**(Still need to fine-tune this once I crunch my projections later on this weekend, these are not final and are subject to change)**

These are the players we are focusing in on most for the week at hand. While it isn't labeled which site specifically, they should all work for any of the main sites. If there were to be a large discrepancy on price from one site to another, we will make sure to mention it. For the most part, one should be able to see what names and offenses we are planning are core lineups around and be able to adjust to any site. We will have plenty of time to answer questions throughout the week if you have one, and we will be breaking down our full game plan beforehand that will include site specific plays.

QB Core: Mahomes, Watson, Goff, Roethlisberger, L.Jackson, Carr, J.Allen

QB Secondary Plays: D.Prescott, R.Wilson, P.Rivers

RB Core: Kamara and then 50 miles of space, A.Ekeler, J.Conner, D.Johnson, D.Cook, L.Fournette,

RB Secondary Plays: S.Barkley,D.Williams, M.Ingram, M.Breida, D.Henry, C.Thompson

RB GPP Dart Throws: L.McCoy, J.Richard

RB Fade: Mostly fading J.Jacobs on FD and possibly DK.. Ownership is insane.