Updated: Sep 13, 2019

It usually takes around a full month before we settle in and have a better understanding of what to expect week to week as far as analysis goes. In the meantime, we can try to take advantage of certain key spots that the field is either overlooking or oversaturated on.

Low-Key Stacks that can go BOOM:

P.Rivers-K.Allen-A.Ekeler: Keep in mind that its usually extremely difficult to identify where the market share is going to go week to week. This week, we have a bit of a cheat code in that so many injuries/ holdouts have taken out 60% of the Chargers main offensive weapons. The last two standing are Rivers' favorite target and a dual-threat RB. Perfect spot to go in on.

M.Ryan-J.Jones-C.Ridley-Hooper-Sanu: I included 5 names here, as I can easily see Sanu snagging a TD away and playing spoiler. There are plenty of alternative stacks we can make focusing in on what should be a high scoring back and fourth affair between my Eagles and the Falcons. We can even include Freeman in this stack to be honest. I would play around with it and see which 2 pieces you like best with Ryan. Ideally, you would make a few different combos in order to have the better shot to nail down the winning combo.

Advice: (Run it back with an Eagles WR/TE in the same stack)

Big Ben-Juju-Moncrief-McDonald-Conner: This has to be one of my favorite game stacks of the week. The best part is how low-key this is shaping up to be. There were so many whacky unsustainable numbers from that PIT Week 1 game that I'm simply throwing out. Some things we should take away however, Moncrief had 10 targets, McDonald played over 70% of the snaps, and Conner has a strong grip on lead duties.

Advice: (