Week 2 Rankings

The Top Options for Week 2

QB: Top 15

RB- Top 25

*Keep an eye on Mixon's status because Gio can easily move up if he gets a full workload for the Bengals. The last two times he filled in for Mixon he averaged 18 touches. Can make for a more than solid RB 2.

*I've stated this everywhere this week but I have Kamara as my number 1 play overall. Love him is an understatement.

*A.Ekeler all the way up to my #3 RB. His floor/ceiling mix somehow got even higher now that they are missing H.Henry too. The offense is a heavily concentrated offense with him and K.Allen eating all the touches and targets.

WR-Top 25

*WR 1-7 is nearly impossible to differentiate much. There's an argument to be made for all of them being the WR 1 overall. Hell, we can even keep going further down and make the argument 1-11 really. LOADED. I would try to make sure you have at least 1 of the top 7 in EVERY lineup if possible.