Week 15: Thoughts Aftermath

While part of me writes this relieved that the Finals are over with, there's still another part of me that now feels a little emptier knowing there won't be a grand stage to compete with the elite of the elite on. Still, a whole lot of money in DFS and bragging rights to be had in fantasy leagues everywhere this upcoming weekend. But first, we take a look back to what Week 15 had in store.

**(Forgive the grammar and structure. These are usually written on my phone while I'm on the go somewhere)**

Week 15: Lessons Learned

The chalkier RBs all did well again. CMC, Barkley, and Carson and you liked them all. There was a decent amount of value at WR that you didn’t take advantage of enough. Almost had 0 Perriman, the Eagles WRs and Jags WRs and even Lions like Amendola offered a lot of value that you didn’t take enough advantage of when u liked several of them a lot; especially Ward. Look what happened. Trusted the higher-priced WRs too much. You were right on Aj Brown, Conley, Mike Williams both who you really liked and some others but at such a higher volatile position should have gone heavier RBs.

You needed to play more Winston. You know he excels in clean pockets and man defense. Lions have no pass rush and play the 3rd highest man coverage. You not only messed up for yourself but for all the subs. Can't happen again.

Other players at bare min price or close to it that you liked early in the week and just got scared to play or simply forgot: B.Scott and T.Higbee

You were higher on the Niners and Falcons than the majority of the field but didn’t play enough at all. Made no sense when you liked them knowing how much of t