Week 13: Thanksgiving Slate

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

In smaller slates, it's always important to remember that you don't HAVE to play full-on game stacks. The likelihood of a back and forth shootout on a 3 game slate is exponentially smaller as opposed to the slates with 10+ games.

EX: Let's say the Saints/Falcons game ends up 31-13 with New Orleans routing them. Your Brees-Thomas stack is likely killing it without the need to force in a Julio/Ridley coming back. This doesn't mean you should go out of your way to avoid game stacking. There are plenty of scenarios where running it back with a player from the opposing team is still the optimal move to make.

Large Slates = More correlation, less optimal in approach

Small Slates= More optimal, less correlation in approach

Another thing to keep in mind when attempting to take down a GPP on these smaller slates; you're more than likely going to have to select players that make you a bit uncomfortable.