Week 13: Core Plays

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

*Names in Aqua are my Weekly "Gut" calls that numbers are calling for them to go off a lot more than the public is realizing--AKA Above Average GPP Differentiators

*Fades will be listed as players in which we will either be far lower than the field or just completely off of. Next to their name is the % in which we are planning to own him at.

For those of you playing Single-entry, 3 max, 5 max, or 20 max: the players listed in the first two tiers at each position are the players to mainly focus on the most. Ideally, you would sprinkle in some of the players also listed in the 3rd tier and dart throw range to help diversify your pool.

QB Core: P.Mahomes, L.Jackson, A.Rodgers

QB Secondary Core: A.Dalton, J.Winston, K.Murray, N.Foles

QB Dart Throws: C.Wentz, S.Darnold, D.Jones, D.Carr, R.Tannehill, R.Fitzpatrick