Week 12 Cash Lineups

DK Cash

This is a weird week everyone... I'm going to be using 4 WRs for the first time all season in Cash. Every week, I try to pick a Cash lineup that best reflects my view on the slate. At the end this was the best lineup that did so. The only position I truly wasn't pleased with is TE with McDonald. He's not really one of my "guys" but at a low enough price in a team that is depleted of offensive weapons, one should hope they throw it his way 5-7 times. I think Ryan is a lock and load option this week. Kamara, while more of a GPP player, is in the smash spot of the week so I'm willing to ride or die with him. The rest are just extreme volume prone individuals who all have positive matchups/ situations this week. Hypothetically, we can miss on one of these as long as the rest pick up the pace.

Other players who were in the running: L.Bell, P.Lindsay.

An alternate build I liked a little less than the Main one was going back to the 3 RB approach for more of a "safety" build. This is just to show you examples of what goes into my process. At the end, I'm riding with the 3 Elite WRs this week on top.