UFC 249 Breakdown

Updated: May 9, 2020

UFC 249 will be bringing Fireworks to the Jacksonville Arena as MMA fans have been chomping at the bit to see some violence during this Covid-19 Hiatus. The card is absolutely stacked with some of the best talents in the world coming together to fight for the fans at home.

Tony Ferguson Vs. Justin Gaethje: This main event will be legendary. There's no other way it goes down. Both fighters are notorious for leaving behind a bloody mess on the canvas when they are finished. In recent interviews, Gaethje has even spoken about "wanting to get his nose broken" so that the UFC will pay to fix it. This fight will be the violent bloodbath fans have been waiting for to release the frustrations of Khabib x Ferguson falling through yet again for the x time. Although both fighters are evenly matched in forward aggression, I believe Ferguson will have the advantage over Gaethje and smother him into a submission after the second round. Ferguson's long, odd striking style and constant ground threat will make it difficult for Gaethje's basic, yet effective, striking to breakthrough. Justin does have his devastating leg kicks that can potentially slow Tony down, but that is a long game strategy, and Tony has the cardio and his mentally tough enough to withstand a few solid kicks. The main "if" factor that makes it so tough to call right out is Justin Gaethje's One-punch KO power. We've seen Tony get rocked by punches in past fights, but seemingly always pulls some unconventional tactic to regain composure and continue on with the contest. Will that be enough against an elite finisher like Justin Gaethje? Assuming the MMA gods allow it, we get to find out Saturday night.

DFS Strategy: Exposure to the Main Event is a MUST in all formats.

Current Betting Line:

Ferguson -210

Gaethje +170 Current ITD:

Ferguson -115

Gaethje +185