The Wire: Week 6


A.Dalton: First things first, get well soon, Dak. Dalton now steps into the starting role at QB for the Cowboys, & luckily for him he has a great supporting cast. The last time Dalton was playing with prime AJ Green & other offensive weapons, he was a borderline QB1 in fantasy. This time around he has an extremely talented supporting cast that will make Dalton a streamer option for the rest of the season. If you are a Dak owner in a deep league or in a 2QB league & don't have any other QB options, make sure to stash the Red Rifle.

R.Fitzpatrick: When he's bad, he's really bad, but when he's good, he's really good & extremely fun to watch. FitzMAGIC has reeled off 4 straight games of 20+ fantasy points & has a juicy matchup against the Jets this week.


A.Mattison: This dude's talent is for real as he'd be a starter on more than half the teams in the league, but unfortunately for him he's stuck on a depth chart behind one of the league's best backs, Dalvin Cook. The Vikings offense didn't skip a beat with Mattison last night as he piled up 112 yards on 20 carries, & added an additional 24 yards on 3 catches. Mattison is my #1 WW priority this week.

C.Edmonds: Little by little Edmonds' snap count is rising (34%,35%,32%,37%,45%) while Drake's is slightly falling (71%,65%,68%,65%,67%). Despite having a half the role (91 opps for Drake & 42 for Edmonds), you could make the argument Edmonds has outproduced Drake this season. Edmonds has scored 3 TDs to Drake's 2, averages 6 YDS/Touch while Drake averages 3.69 YDS/Touch, & has actually scored more fantasy points than Drake (58.4 vs. 51.6). It wouldn't shock anyone if Edmonds end up forcing more of a 50/50 split over the coming weeks & eventually takes the reigns of the starting RB job if things continue as is.