The Takeoff 8.6.19

Summary of 3rd Place Lineup out of 32,000+ Entries

I ended up entering 77 lineups in yesterday's contest. While that may seem like a lot, that is .002% of the total entries entered.

I ended up with the Orioles a grand total of 2 times total! Castillo was only my 3rd highest owned pitcher. What helped me was rolling with Yelich who I called for his power comeback two days back and it came through last night. It should also go to show you how key it is to go off the board in big tournaments. Going chalk in a contest with 32K entries will get you nowhere.

Pitcher Rankings

The Frontline

Z.Wheeler: He's got underrated close to elite stuff. Today he faces an ideal Righty heavy MIA lineup who shouldn't stand much of a chance against him. (I do like the new rookie call up Diaz as a cheap one off for the Marlins). Play in all formats in all sites.

C.Kershaw: Can all but guarantee his usual 6 IP & 7Ks he gets every single time out. I will say this, for whatever reason STL has always seemed to get the better of Clayton throughout his career. Ozuna and Carpenter being back make STL a bit more formidable. Kershaw's high price point makes me a little hesitant to go super heavy on him, I'll wait to see where ownership falls before I