The Takeoff 8.5.19

Pitcher Rankings

The Frontline

L.Giolito: Very few people have played more Giolito than me this year and I sure as hell am not going to stop now when he has the best matchup of the season (DET). My 1A today.

C.Morton: A very close 1B today with clearly as good of a shot to lead the slate as anyone. The only reason why he's slightly behind Giolito for me is the matchup while still good, isn't AS easy as the DET corps that Giolito will face. Morton does own the BEST K rate & XFIP on the slate.

L.Castillo: Need to see where ownership falls but if he's a lot less owned than the first two then he will make for a first class pivot. Upside still elite.

Secondary Options

S.Turnbull: Would be great if we found out the pitch count on him returning from injury. He has a great ma