The Takeoff 8.3.19

Pitcher Rankings

The Frontline

M.Boyd: Believe it or not, Boyd has been the best overall pitcher on this slate in terms of overall statistics. Get a hold of this.. Highest K rate on the slate? Boyd. Second lowest walk rate at 5.3%, paired with the second best xfip at 3.33. Has been legit one of the better pitchers in all of baseball and facing the Rangers who roster some of the worst hitters vs lefties. 7 of the 9 hitters are under a 100 wRC+. For those of you wondering what that means, it pretty much states that over 77% of the hitters Boyd will face all are well below an "average" MLB hitter vs. LHPs. I'm in. (He's likely to be the least owned of these aces too).

W.Buehler: Going up against a SD team that Ks at the 3rd highest rate vs. righties. Has about as much upside as anyone today. The only thing I dont love is his FD price tag. Other than that, all good here. Can easily be your DK pitcher in Cash games.

A.Nola: It's hard to ask for a better matchup than the CHW for Nola. Nola mows down RHBs like its nothing. His one blimp is his 9% BB rate but CHW is full of impatient bats who are free swingers. Great spot tonight. Would be my cash pitcher.

K.Gibson: I'm not seeing a lot of love for Gibson today. I'm very glad. He's quietly been over performing his price in close to 75% of his starts. Not a daunting task facing KC today. Easily the best mid tier pitcher today.