The Takeoff 8.27.19

Pitcher Rankings


Luis Castillo: Far & away has the most upside on the slate. Taking on his former team in the Marlins tonight and has everything working in his favor. Weak lineup, pitchers park, and he’s been rolling as of late. The only thing that would throw me off of him tonight is ownership as he is projected to be the highest owned pitcher tonight on both sites.

Patrick Corbin: Coming off a great game in which he spun eight scoreless innings against the Pirates. Tonight he is throwing at home against a bad Orioles team who strike out 24% of the time against lefties. Fire up Corbin!

Justin Verlander: Like fine wine it seems like this guy continues to get better with age. The Rays have thee lowest implied run total (3.06) on the slate tonight so this seems like a sign that Vegas sees what we see here. Verlander sports an insane 35% K rate this season to backup all his other awesome advanced stats.

Charlie Morton: While not as nasty as Verlander, the guy on the other team taking the mound tonight is