The Takeoff 8.2.19

Pitcher Rankings


L.Lynn: Love, Love, LOVE. The guy is so underrated. He's been great essentially all season this year and most people haven't even noticed. He's also won me one of my 5 seats so yeah maybe I have a soft spot for him. Regardless the following are facts: He's facing DET, DET has the highest K% in the entire league vs. RHPs, DET has the lowest Wrc+ in the entire league, and DET traded away their best hitter. ALL IN.

Secondary Options

D.May: Criminally underpriced in FD. He is the sole reason why I can't go even higher than I'm going on Lynn. May is legit. It seems Vegas agrees with my thinking, as they have SD projected for the lowest total on the slate. Fairly underpriced in DK. PLAY anywhere. A LYNN-MAY pairing is the BOOM pairing on DK.

M.Clevinger: Nasty stuff, electric when he's on. Can still be played in all formats and sites but it isn't an ideal matchup.

R.Ray: Whew. Yolo it with him for his upside of the Gods but his downside of peasants.

W.Miley: Going to go under owned in a solid spot.