The Takeoff 8.15.19

Pitcher Rankings

The "Main Squeeze" Tier

S.Gray: Mr. Always underpriced steal yo girl. He just always gets the job done and is always underpriced and under owned relative to what he puts up. Even in a hitter's ballpark as his home ballpark where he pitches half his games he's only allowed 7 homers which is incredible these days. In a slate lacking Aces, he's as good as it gets with his floor/ceiling combo.

Y.Darvish: Is he fully back to his old self? Maybe? He seems to have fixed his walk issues and has the upside of 30+ DK, 45+ FD which almost every other pitcher on the slate can't say.

The "Side Piece" Tier

A.Young: Love the price point and matchup today for him. He also limits a lot of righty power which is a nice bonus on top of his above average K rate.

A.Sanchez: He's fixed! The Astros fixed him! We can only hope. He's been great his last few times out but always know theres a possibility he can implode like the Aaron Sanchez of just a month ago. A Hedge stack here is a pretty smart move IMO.