The Takeoff 8.14.19

As much as I want to ride this momentum I'm likely not going too heavy today. Thanks to FD breaking up into 37 slates again, and the Main Slate being boring tonight, I'll be writing and studying this simply for the Boogie Army incase you guys want to play a lot tonight.

I'll be posting updates up here for the Early Slate. I'm only playing on DK likely.

UPDATE 10:54

Looks like I'm riding with H.Bailey as a main core play for this early slate LOL. Somehow I'm quite confident he's going to overachieve as well. Only projected to garner 16% as well.

K.Freeland has pitched slightly better as of late but this is a ROUGH matchup for him at Coors where he's pitching horrendously. K.Marte leads the way with Escobar, W.Flores (Very Cheap), C.Walker, and Locastro. I'll be over the field on all of them.

The Rangers offer multiple ways to go in this good matchup spot for them. we can full 5 man stack them, mini stack them (Mazara, Choo, Odor, Santana are the best options to start with), or simply 1 off them.

Rinse and Repeat: NYY is just murdering any Orioles pitcher no matter the roster or the park. Today they face a pitcher in Bundy who is prone to the long ball. He's worse against RHBs but anyone in the lineup is in play. Didi in a great spot to go with Torres and Sanchez.