The Takeoff 8.12.19

Pitcher Rankings

The Top Options

J.Lucchesi: A bit pricey over on DK but on FD is my favorite play of the day at pitcher. Facing a TB team that has an over 24% K rate vs. lefties are now losing their DH meaning Lucchesi gets to face an American League pitcher = Free Strikeouts. I still find him very much in play on DK.

Z.Greinke: The most expensive pitcher going today and for good reason. Backed by a juggernaut of an offense he's going against one of the worst offenses against RHPs ever assembled. He's the safest option period.

A.DeSclafani: A sneaky good option today. Lets keep an eye whether J.Soto is in todays lineup for the Nats. DeScalfani has one weakness, LHBs. If the Nats end up losing their best one its a big upgrade for him.

Secondary Plays

E.Rodriguez (FD)