The Takeoff 8.1.19

Pitcher Rankings

The Mains

G.Cole: Highest Ceiling pitcher going today. It's harder to fit him in on FD but wherever you can, all for it. Wind blowing in today as a bonus.

C.Kershaw: Mr.Consistent. Can practically write in 6+IP with 6-7Ks. Keep an eye out for ownership numbers, I'll be playing off that the most when it comes to picking the lead ace for today.

A.Woj: He's actually a slightly above average pitcher. I know a lot of people initially thought he was a gas can that we can pick on.

Update: I started digging into Woj's advanced numbers and man I am very impressed. His swinging strike stuff has been near elite over the last 3 starts. Lets also factor in that he's faced the Nats, Red Sox, and Angels in those 3 starts. (Those are some of the hardest teams to K in the league). I'm going extremely heavy on Woj tonight. Lets hope his ownership numbers aren't crazy and that people think this is a fluke. Btw he goes up against TOR tonight who are not an imposing team.

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