The Takeoff 7.31.19

Quick Note

*I had a member tell me on twitter "Where were the Braves in your write ups??" This because I had a lineup in the top 3. So, as i WROTE in my daily notes updates, I was going to sprinkle in Verlander with my main targets, so the stacks that matched up with verlander the best happen to include the braves. SORRY. MY BAD. Lol man I think I go out of my way to explain and show exactly what I'm rostering, its impossible to predict every single stack I will have. Some lineups I make are last second so no, I didn't happen to write what i considered a very distant, low % stack I had.

I promise you all I'm not holding out on you guys. It serves me no purpose to do so. I want you guys to win, its better for me if you guys win lol. Ahh. Ok Rant over.

Pitcher Rankings

The Get 'er Done Core

J.DeGrom: Remember that I said Syndergaard would have his highest K game of the season yesterday? Well, he did. And DeGrom might make that game look like an amateur. This is one of the best situations we ll get all season. Perfect matchup for DeGrom to go OFF! If I had to guess, I'm projecting him for 7 2/3 IP, 12.5 K. What sucks is his price. Still, especially on DK I'll be having all I can of him.

L.Giolito: My favorite play in terms of value and upside on FD. He's got elite stuff and can get it done today vs. the Mets. Depending on ownership I might go really high on him or just simply match the field.