The Takeoff 7.21.19

Pitcher Rankings

Blake Snell- Almost all peripherals and advanced stats have Snell is the same exact pitcher who was Cy Young level just last season. Yet people will look at the ERA approaching 5.00 and probably think he's pitching horribly. Some of it is bad luck with BABIP, the rest is just the increase in homers that has hit Snell harder than the norm. The Whitesox have been destroyed by terrible pitchers all week, the difference was they were all righties. Regardless, he's going to be the pitcher I ride the most today and I'm betting on talent.

James Paxton- Nearing a 29% K rate, Paxton goes up against the subpar Rockies offense. What?!? Subpar Rockies offense you say? Yes. Against lefties the Rockies strikeout rate is the 5th most in the Majors. Then lets factor in the fact they struggle on the road and have a combined wRC+ of 87 (that isn't good). Still wish Yankees stadium wasn't so hitter friendly and the weather was a little better from a pitchers perspective; but nonetheless Paxton shapes up to be one of the better options today.

Secondary Options

G.Marquez: Great GPP play today going up against the vaunted Yanks. Only 6.4 on Fd.

Dylan Cease: Cheap and upside.

Jack Flaherty: Going to be lower owned than what the talent suggests he should.

Michael Pineda


Punt Plays

A.Morejon: It is fantastic pitching weather in Wrigley today