The Takeoff 7.14.19

Pitcher Rankings

Ace(ish) Zone

J.DeGrom: Top talent going today against a team who doesn't hit righties well in one of the best pitching parks in the league. I really don't have anything else to say here. I'm in. Matching or surpassing ownership. Don't overthink it.

Z. Grienke: The only negative here is that Greinke k% has dipped over the last few years. The good news is he's facing a Cardinals team that has low-key been downright awful through most of this season. They actually have a lower team RISO than the Tigers who we continuously pick on when facing righties. Hoping the public overlooks this spot today.

S.Beiber: He's been a top tier pitcher when it comes to causing swings and misses this season. The issue here is his matchup vs. a Twins offense who still leads the league in Team ISO vs. righties believe it or not. GPP viable as a nice