The Takeoff 7.13.19

Pitcher Rankings

The "Aces in a Tough Matchup" Tier

Chris Sale- Priced down in both sites because of the tough matchup against the Dodgers. Dodgers who are lefty heavy, have a rare mix of LHBs that somehow all hit LHPs well. I'll have Sale in my pool but might not match the field. I'm nervous about this though. Theres always the possibility he goes apeshi* and puts up a 50 burger.

Trevor Bauer- The old Bauer seems fully back now. He is facing a dangerous offense in the Twins but has managed to hold them in check whenever he's faced them.

C.Morton Note: You all know I love me some Morton, he won me my 5th seat to the Q. He's the most expensive pitcher on all sites today. Don't love the price but there's no way to fade him going against the Os. I'll match the field.

The "Good Pitchers with some Upside" Tier

Matt Boyd- Probably one of my favorite plays today. He's a good pitcher going up against a sub-par team in KC. Playable in all formats.

Wade Miley- Rangers are prone to heavy K rates, especially vs. lefties. The issue here is the park