The Takeoff 6.29.19

Pitcher Rankings

The "Filet Mignon" Tier

Justin Verlander (11.5 K DK&FD)- Just the best of the best and it's not really all that close. Seattle is in the process of a rebuild. They already traded away most of their big time power bats essentially leaving Vogelbach all by himself. The good news with that matchup is that Verlander is actually even better against lefties (37.5% LK). I mean, it's not like he's struggling putting away righties either (27.9 K%). Of course the issue here is what bats we can find to pair up with Justin. Playable in all formats, must play for Cash games.

Zach Greinke (9.5 K DK & FD)- I'm really liking this spot for Greinke today. The Giants have the 2nd lowest implied team total with just a 3.48 implied run total. He's got a really safe high floor, while still having the upside of an ace from time to time.