The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: Week 5

WOOOOOOOOOOOO what a crazy slate we witnessed yesterday! Over on DraftKings if you didn’t have 300+ points it was going to be hard to take down a tourney & in some cash games 194 points wasn’t enough! This wild weekend was one of the highest scoring weeks in recent DFS history. Let’s take a dive into what we got right, & what we got wrong…

The Good

2/3 core QB plays went above & beyond most people’s expections. Watson delivered 44.74 fantasy points of his own while Matt Ryan dropped 35.9 of his own.

Running backs. Almost all of our running backs listed in our first 2 tiers yesterday delivered 20+ fantasy points with the exception of a few disappointments (see “The Bad”). Christian “Autolock” McCaffrey is simply ridiculous. I have seeN the LT comp out there for him and I think that’s appropriate. No matter the price, you can never have too much CMC. A Jones was our smashing success in our RB core as BoogieJonesMan was higher on him than consensus.

Adam was asked about Aaron Jones on the slack channel on Saturday afternoon & his response tells the rest of the story: “Literally trying to get him and Ekeler into a higher % of my lineups. They are both in a position that warrants a lot of consideration. What? the Chargers are all of a sudden going to give Gordon 15-18 touches? no way. Maybe he vultures a TD and gets 8 touches but I think at worst Ekeler can maintain his usual role for this week with all things happening. A Jones has a shot at 22+ touches this week. Not saying it will happen, saying it is in a very possible realm.”