The Boogie Qualifier Series: Week 3 Review

Bang! Bang! *Mike Breen Voice.

Any week where you can even put yourself in contention for a Q should be considered positive. Coming away with a seat to both DK and FD? Thank you, Michael Gallup, you damn STUD! 

Each week brings its own strategy and angle to exploit. In a Main Slate that didn't have Mahomes, L.Jackson, Kelce, Kamara, M.Thomas, D.Adams, or CMC, the top tier plays were a whole lot thinner. It was a weird week in that the "best" plays were, in fact, the best plays. SEA vs. DAL registered a projected total nearing 60, and it didn't disappoint. 

This should serve as a critical reminder that you CAN play the most popular games and still find ways to get a unique grouping.