Takeoff 8/8: Mini-Stack SZN

NOTE: Check the Updates where I posted my exact exposures and projections for each SP.

Primary Arms

C.Paddack: Hey DK, what the hell? They managed to list the cream of the crop SP at sub 8K? Thanks a lot. Anything under 50% owned is a big time win in my eyes. At least FD had the courtesy to put him at 9.1K, where we should see some reasonable ownership %s.

C.Kershaw: While I don't love the price point on either site, having several other arms being such values (Paddack, Sandoval) we can fit Kershaw into most of our DK builds. As for FD, the price is closer to acceptable. While we can still fit Kershaw in with some of the better stacks, it's also pretty crazy that he's nearly double the price of several names listed below. All things considered, I'm plenty ok featuring Kershaw in order to get some different looking lineups that will be featured alongside our cheaper options.

Secondary Arms

P.Sandoval: Just a great value on both sites and the matchup is about as ideal as it gets, TEX has been one of the worst units vs. LHPs for a couple of seasons now. Add to that the fact they will be in a pitcher friendly environment.

GPP Pivot/ Punt Arms

D.Peterson: Overall, I like the talent. It's looking like a good spot for GPP players to hedge a little with the 1st place Marlins vs. the rook. Already showing us a ceiling fanning 8 Braves, he's built up his pitch count (87 last start) where we should see close to no limit on him.

Z.Godley: Great DK play, right alongside Sandoval for SP2 Value. Need to see where ownership is coming in by before making a firm decision on my exposure range.

J.Odorizzi (FD)