Takeoff 8/22: Bounce Back SZN

Note: The Boogie Factor has officially been launched. I want to give you a better understanding about this metric. It's something that we've been working on since the end of 2019 season. It's a metric that takes every single factor into account. We are talking about EVERYTHING. Exit velocity, Average batted ball distance, weather, stadium, air density, expected wOBA, not only ISO, but expected weighted ISOs, K%, matchup, XwOBA, XFIP, Money Lines, Oddsmakers expectations, etc. There isn't one category that will be unaccounted for. The only * I would put for now, is give it time to soak in a larger 2020 sample and we should be seeing amazing results for the rest of the season.

**We're gearing up for our first 2020 podcast coming soon! (sorry for the delay, just waiting on a shipment to come in). We'll be collecting any questions you may have until then. Here is the place to drop in your Questions https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSep3xAZ_gDFKiUmkilpPfBSymkRnc5Gr8jEUZ1oZgfJ-o2w6w/viewform?usp=sf_link

**Will Update more as the day goes. Wanted to get you an early version out**

If playing the early slate, Lindblom has an insane BF rating. I'd be focusing on him and Ryu.

Primary Arms

Z.Gallen: God I hate theMarlins for trading him. Anyways, my boy is currently sporting a 30.3 K% (10.8 K/9), with a rock solid 48.7% GB%, 2.47 SIERA, and a QS in every single start since Opening Day. Last season he had a slight issue with walks but he's corrected that to the tune of a 6.7% BB rate. The Giants are a much better offensive team this season, in large part thanks to Yastrzemski's breakout campaign. However, they are a far less potent bunch vs. RHP (.145 Team ISO). Frustrating part is the D-Backs lack of run support that has resulted in the odd 0-0 record for Gallen. Gun to my head, I have Gallen going for a strong 7 IP, 7 K, QS, W, with 1-2 ERs coming off of a single mistake to previously mentioned breakout phenom, Yastrzemski. Very weird prediction to kick t