Strategy: Week 4 Edition

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

This is a bit of a strange week from what I'm seeing. The most significant aspect that is sticking out to me is that the flex position seems to be a little more open this week compared to my usual preferred 70% RB, 25% WR, 5% TE spread.

Part of the reason is the downgrade to the RB position this week with no Barkley and other usual suspects either not being on the main slate/ having a tough matchup. Essentially, I'm seeing more reason and room to include a WR or perhaps even a TE (don't go too crazy though) in the flex.

No matter the outcome of the previous week, I tend to start my weekly process by taking a look at my favorite studs at each position to see who they face and how the matchup looks on the surface. A reason to do this is to try to get into the mind of the average DFS player. While the field is getting sharper every day, there's still a vast majority of casual players who aren't going to be digging into numbers all week. Let's start with my boy Dalvin Cook. SCARY matchup in RED! STAY AWAY MATCHUP! Ok, hopefully the noobs have stopped reading and don't even look twice to play Cook. Currently speaking, Dalvin is projected to have ownership of around 9.5% on both main sites. I'll take it. Remember Alvin Kamara was tossed aside last week too. While I don't project Cook to go nuclear, I think he has a better than not shot to finish as a top 3 RB regardless of the tough matchup. The Vikings were down by 21 and still were calling run plays two weeks ago. That's an incredible level of commitment to the run lol.

How about tha