Slack Channel Transcript

Every week I'm telling Slack my plays and what I'm thinking, and even the exact percentages I'm on each play. This is not only crucial because it gives me direct access to tell you all directly and there is time for follow-ups incase you have questions, but the fact that you can all help each other throughout the week is great. I see that every week when I log in, and I love it. This is only a small portion of our convos but I think it is important for the week at hand.

If anybody who has a Weekly/Monthly Pass and would like to gain access to the slack I'm going to try to figure out the fairest way to make this happen. (Send a message to the site's Twitter account) I'll talk to the team and see what we can do, remember that you can upgrade to SZN Status that brings discounts for next year's prices, the slack channel, and access to my personal projections when we release them. You also save a lot of money in the long run if you plan to ride with us all year.

Slack Convo Transcript

Adam aka Boogie 3:12 PM Ok seems as good as time as ever...As u all may have seen.. I'm going for the 3rd straight week in on Will Fuller lol. It is flat out just amazing that I have won what I've won while having this guy in my lineups as well. He's been inches away not just from a huge game last week but the week before as well

3:12 PM I cannot live with myself when regression hits and I'm not on it

3:13 PM if Watson doesn't overthrow him last week and they complete that 75 yard bomb TD, guess what his ownership and price are this week?

3:13 PM Take advantage of all advanced metrics, stats, tendencies, and ownership and price

3:13 PM its literally as perfect as it gets. Not to mention one of the highest Implied totals AND its a crap secondary that does