Notes 09.06.19


The Cardinals for me are in a very similar situation to the Cubs yesterday. They are in the middle of the pack in terms of IRT (Implied Runs Total) & are in a situation to go OFF. They are facing Alex McRae who has been recalled from the minors & has been awful in his short time in the majors. ISO over .300 to both sides of the plate & only strikes out hitters 19% of the time. Think there is a shot for major leverage here as they are only owned around 2% on both sites. Goldschmidt, Ozuna, DeJong, Fowler, Wong are my favorites.

Although I think Ray gets the best of the Reds.. Suarez, Aquino, & Ervin make an intriguing mini stack as they rake lefties & their ownership is going to be low on this huge slate.

K. Marte & E. Escobar are too hot to ignore & in a good spot tonight against Mahle who struggles against lefties (LISO 0.250). Feel free to make this a bigger stack and pair them with Lamb, Avila, Rojas, or Walker.