Notes 08.08.19

Good morning my people. Just wanted to update everyone on today's situation. The day one subs already know, but for those of you who are new here I have an Auto-Immune Disease that luckily is in remission right now but I have to do these maintenance days every few weeks to keep it that way.

Essentially I have to do infusions that is similar to what chemo is to caner patients. (Obviously to a lesser degree of danger). I wont get into the whole thing here, for those of you who wondering more about it theres a post in the forums titled "Life" which I go deeper into my situation and other members shared some of their personal struggles that they had/have. It's a good place to share if you would like to, I would love to get to know all of you more (even the bad things) its a nice therapeutic feeling to share with others.

So bottomline, today is going to be a bit of a struggle for me to focus on DFS much. I'm going to try my best but theres a chance I might have to take today off. What my hope is, is to at least be able to give you guys some notes for today. I'll keep you updated.

BTW if any of you didn't receive an email with the 20% off the price for the NFL package please let us know. I want to make sure you all get the opportunity to sign up at that price. It includes a lot of benefits including 15% off for MLB 2020. Weird transition I know lol.

So thank you for your patience and understanding I'm sorry if today is subpar, I'll make it up to you by going HAM for the Friday Slate.


UPDATE 12:41

I had a few minutes before I began so decided to look into todays matchup and prices and I must admit I'm very tempted lol. I like it from what I'm seeing.

The Yankees and Red sox are in a spot where if you told me they both went for 10 runs I wouldn't be surprised at all. BOS has the wind blowing out to dead center at 10 mph to add an extra boost to an already great situation. Play them as much as possible. In order to play expensive stacks, you need to pair them with value arms and or a value secondary stack.

Today we have the... DET Tigers with an OVER 5 implied run total. I know, crazy day. We also have J.Gray at a fantastic price point across all sites. If he's somehow not chalk we need to take advantage of that.

Theres also some bottom of the barrel priced pitchers on DK that warrant attention. Hernandez from the Marlins is at the very worst an average MLB pitche