Notes 08.05.19

Notes will be posted throughout the day.

My plan today will be to lean heavily on Giolito/Morton and pair them with some upside stacks.

The Reds make for a great secondary stack with so many cheap options (Aquino, Vanmeter, Suarez, Senzel great plays) Peraza and Barnhart super cheap to finish off a stack.

The lead stacks I'm looking to lock in are BOS (JD facing a lefty, you know the drill), NYY (Mix and match the Judge's with the Ursehla's) , CLE (1-6 are looking fantastic here), LAD (They went off for 11 yesterday and are in about the same situation COME ON DODGERS)... and the MIL lefties are in a smash spot (Lyles who is very blowup prone struggles vs. LHBs) and are good combos to stack with the almost free price of T.Shaw. Grandal is the best C for today at only 4.2 in DK, and only 3.0 on FD. Moustakas same, and Yelich has been a bit more quiet lately in terms of power but today can be a nice welcome back for his 38th HR of the year.

The 1-4 on the Royals will set you up for big time leverage with Porcello being popular and terrible at the same time. 1-4 are legit good MLB players, its the rest of the lineup that goes to poo.


Ok so Morton and Giolito are far and away my go to pitchers tonight.

Both are Cash game staples.