NFL Workshop: How to Approach Qualifiers

Note: This is an article I wrote last year. While the examples may be from the specific week that had just passed, the lesson still applies for the upcoming season. I'll be uploading several of my NFL Workshops over the coming week.

Similarly to the Milly Makers, Qualifiers have to be approached much differently than regular GPPs. Unlike other GPPs, finishing in 2nd or 3rd won't get you much, if anything. There's already a ridiculous drop off in most GPP contests as it is when comparing what someone wins when finishing 1st compared to 2nd, 3rd, and especially 4th-10th. A quick example of how the typical GPP contest looks like: 

1st: $50,000

2nd: $20,000

3rd: $10,000

4th: $2,500

5th: $1,000

6th: $500

Again, just a bit of a drastic drop if you get passed on the late night. Always sucks when you think you got it in the bag, and then all of a sudden, a scrub hits a 9th inning meaningless homer, or a low-owned flyer WR rattles off that chunk play TD in garbage time. You can lose $49,500 while being 2-3 points off the leader.