NFL Workshop: Advice on Game Selection, Bankroll, and all Things DFS

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

We all come here from different parts of the country, heck some of you are from a different country entirely. We all have different approaches, different hopes and dreams, and likely very unique circumstances as far as weekly bankroll that we are willing to put into DFS. I myself started with 500 dollars over on FanDuel for the baseball season, and I've never seen it hit 0 since. To reemphasize, what I accomplished is far from the norm. These sites are built to win, the vast majority of players will lose solely to the rake fee that we all have to deal with in this monopoly empire that DK and FD have built. On average, the usual GPP tournaments on both sites have around a 16% rake fee attached to them. (This essentially means that 16% of the money the users are putting up on entry fees will never be seen again as the site takes their cut and laughs in our face. Luckily we are starting to see other entities at least try to rise up and compete while asking for lower fees. You may ask then, "Well Adam, why don't you play over on those other sites more if it offers a better chance of seeing a profit?" Well, because with everything, there will always be a catch. Players like myself, who are stubborn and have a swing for the fences type of mentality, would rather keep trying to defy the odds and take down those top-heavy payout structures on the bigger sites. The secondary up and coming sites don't offer anything close to the money the big boys are teasing us with. There's also that whole competitive edge thing that doesn't seem to let me rest until I beat everyone, and give my all to try and become the #1 ranked player in the world.