NFL WEEK 2: Initial Thoughts & Data Driven Results on which contest are best to enter playing Cash

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Hello, hobbled Boogie here to bring you a little bit of the good stuff to get you through the middle of the week. 

I want you all to know I've been doing some researching even when I'm not actually writing stuff. I wanted to get down to the bottom of some of the questions you all had for me. 

As far as this week goes, I'm hoping to get you the rankings (at least some of them) by tomorrow, the latest Friday. There's still a lot of situations I'm monitoring to see how things shakeup. I can tell you from the jump I will be playing Mahomes this week above the field. This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised. His price jumped a good amount this week, so ownership might be far less than you initially think. HOW ABOUT THAT McCAFFERY! Looking like that #1 overall player we had him pegged as. Yeah, yeah its been one week I know. I love him again this week, along with Kamara who might just end up as my core RB play of the week. 

Jameis and the Bucs were about the only game we got wrong, badly wrong. I had Watson, and Wentz rated higher than most, and they came up big for us, including Wentz winning me a seat! I'll hopefully be getting that article out soon to you. 

So, as far as Cash games go. The following are straight factual statements: (Thanks to Pat James for the info)