NFL Core Plays: Week 9

Table of Contents

While we may not know what to expect after a Pre-Season less off-season, we can do our best to project certain probable/possible outcomes. In smaller sized contests we can side with what we deem to be the probable (most likely) outcome, as opposed to large-fields where we need to hit on an unexpected outcome the majority of the field didn't see coming. Having the rare opportunity to take advantage of the field's common (mis)perception is 2020s's greatest edge.

Names in Aqua are our Weekly "Gut" Calls that our Boogie Factor metric is a lot higher on than their projected ownership for the week.

Fades will be listed as players in which we'll either be far lower than the field on or just completely off of in anything other than team stacks.

YPT = Yards Per Target

ROO = Range of Outcomes

YPRR = Yards Per Route Run

aDOT = Average Depth of Target

YAC = Yards After Catch

DVOA = Defense-Adjusted Value over Average