MLB Takeoff 9/15: YU Know The Vibes

Note: The Boogie Factor has officially been launched. I want to give you a better understanding about this metric. It's something that we've been working on since the end of 2019 season. It's a metric that takes every single factor into account. We are talking about EVERYTHING. Exit velocity, Average batted ball distance, weather, stadium, air density, expected wOBA, not only ISO, but expected weighted ISOs, K%, matchup, XwOBA, XFIP, Money Lines, Oddsmakers expectations, etc. There isn't one category that will be unaccounted for. The only * I would put for now, is give it time to soak in a larger 2020 sample and we should be seeing amazing results for the rest of the season.

The arms on today's slate are quite top heavy. Aside from the clear cut aces, we are gonna have to take some shots on some guys who haven't been that impressive that have good matchups, or guys who have been just ok but with bad matchups.

Primary Arms

Y.Darvish: Sitting at the top of our BF rating tonight is Darvish (22.56) who is firmly entrenched in the CY Young race. As for counting stats these are the ridiculous numbers he owns this season: 1.77 ERA, 56 IP, 38 H, 11 BB, 72 Ks. Tonight he will be facing the Indians who have the lowest IRT on the slate (3.8), but Wrigley will be giving us the extremely friendly hitters weather tonight unlike last week when it was fantastic for pitchers. Weather aside, Darvish should be able to cruise as the Indians have a measly RISO of .139.

J.Flaherty: Will we finally see Captain Jack unleashed? Aside from having a good outing in DET, the most encouraging sign from his start was that he got to the 95 pitch marker. Since the Cards have been loosening the leash each time out, there's a good chance we see him going into the 100 pitch range & against MIL that could last as long as 6-7 innings. His price is moderately high (FD 9.8K; DK 9.4K), but I'm hoping the ownership is low because I am really looking forward to rostering Flaherty for the first time all season.

Secondary Arms