MLB Takeoff 8/4: Finding the Leverage

Note: Ok guys, Adam here. Don't want to make this a big deal but time to time my auto immune disease kicks in and throws me off for a day or two. When that occurs, or whenever I just need an off day (those will be rare), my life long friend Nick Delgado, who as I mentioned on our slack channel, will take over for me. I'm telling you he is the only person I've come across that can keep up with me when it comes to all things sports and stats. He will have all the tools I have and I will always review his work to make sure it's on point. He's a genius with this, I promise.

Anyways, The day we have been waiting for has arrived. Boogie Factor has been published. I wanted to give you all a better understanding about this metric. It's one that me and my tech guru have been working on since the end of 2019 season. It's a metric that takes every single factor into account. We are talking about EVERYTHING. Exit velocity, Average batted ball distance, weather, stadium, air density, expected wOBA, not only ISO, but expected weighted ISOs, K%, matchup, XwOBA, XFIP, Money Lines, Oddsmakers expectations, etc. There is not one category that will be unaccounted for. The only * I would put for now, is give it time to soak in a larger 2020 sample and we should be seeing amazing results soon enough. Any questions, message us on Twitter, comment on write-ups, anything. (If I happen to be out of commission that day ask our team as they will know what to do, especially "MrESPNMIAMI" aka Nick. Anyways, I'm back and feeling better. Let's do it.

Primary Arms

P.Corbin: Looked awesome in his 1st start of the season against the Yankees where he went 6 1/3 IP, allowed 1 ER & struck out 8. Tonight he has a much easier matchup as Corbin & his 28.8% (K%) face the Mets who strike out 23% of the time vs. LHP. Other than Alonso, there isn't another bat in the Mets lineup who matches up well against him.

B.Woodruff: We touted him very highly for his last start and he made us look real good against PIT. Over 6 1/3 IP, he struck out 10 & only allowed 2 runners to reach base. Although he runs into a hot-hitting White Sox club tonight, I think he delivers for us once again. Woodruff K's both sides of the plate at nearly a 30% clip & all of the CWS hitters but 1 have a K% higher than 22%. The White Sox IRT has steadily dropped since the open from 4.2 now down to 3.8. He is a very affordable 9.2K on FD & 8.3K on DK.