MLB Takeoff 8/3: The Bounce Back

Man, was yesterday's slate a rough one..who would have thought a mediocre pitcher at Coors would lead the slate in scoring? Good news is that today we have a much more normalized looking slate with some aces back on the mound. Without further ado, lets gets right to it..

Primary Arms

It feels good to have some elite talent back in this category as Cole, DeGrom, Buehler all take the mound today. Today's slate is an 8 gamer so we will likely see a high ownership on these aces but don't let it move you off of them. Today's trio is a herculean version of the trio we highlighted the other day of Castillo, Darvish, & Clevinger. As far as today's group goes, we are talking about K rates from 29%-39% (Buehler 29, DeGrom 31, Cole 39). The good news for all of these guys is they are making their 3rd start of the season. We can expect that as the season goes on the leash on their pitch counts will be extended as well.

G.Cole: Pitched into the 7th inning in his last start against BAL but didn't finish the frame because he ran into some unexpected trouble against them. Cole & his 39% K% take on the Phillies tonight who haven't played a game in a week. No doubts or concerns about playing him tonight. The Phillies currently have the lowest IRT on the slate at a measly 3.3.

J.DeGrom: He shutdown ATL on Opening Day (5 IP, 8 K's, 1H, & 0 ER) and gets to face them again tonight in ATL with quite possibly the best pitching weather on the slate. I prefer DeGrom on FD to DK. On FD DeGrom is priced as the 2nd highest pitcher at 10.7K, but on DK he is far & away the most expensive at 11.6K. There is a good chance that his ownership may not be as high as we think tonight due to Cole having the better matchup and pricing.