MLB Takeoff 8/2: Happy Boogie Factor Eve

Beginning Monday we will finally have our new metric the "Boogie Factor" up and running. It may take until Tuesday-Wednesday to get it published on its own page for the site, but we will at least be able to put it to use already. Sorry for the delay, it will be worth it.

Primary Arms

D Cease: You know the pitching slate is ugly when this is the first name you see here. Nonetheless, we are gonna move forward with the hand we are dealt today and find an edge as we always do here at DailyBoogie. I'm chasing K's today with Cease and luckily for us I think we'll be able to get em'. Cease struggles against LHH (LISO .270; K% 19.2), but IMO the Royals don't really have any of consequence. The Royals best bats are righties and that's where Cease can make us some money today. Against RHH Cease's K% jumps all the way up to 29.3% & the ISO drops to .185. I'm hoping due to his first bad start against CLE, there is minimal ownership here today. He is a crazy affordable 5.8K on FD & 8.4K on DK.

A.Civale: It's scary putting someone that isn't a household name up against MIN, but with today's slate it's time to get bold. His matchup and price (FD 8.4; DK 9.6) may drive others way today & that can prove to be a great thing for us as this is where we can find our edge today. MIN is expected to roll out 7 LHH against Civale which should play right into our hands. Civale against LHH last year had a .163 LISO & struck them out at a 27.6% rate compared to RHH in which he only struck out at 17.4%. It also helps that we are supposed to see the best pitcher weather in Minnesota today as the wind will be blowing in and we are expected to see HRs decrease by 26.6%!