MLB Takeoff 8/10: Undervalued SP Everywhere

Today's a Takeoff duo day. Nick and Adam will be working together on this. Any update given through the day will be from Adam, Boogie himself. We have ab awesome slate on hand. You'll see why soon.

Primary Arms

P.Corbin: Faced the Mets his last time out & they did some damage against him. Corbin went 5 2/3 IP, K'd 8 (as he's done in each start this season), but allowed 8 hits & 3 ERs. I'm going back to the well with Corbin tonight against these Mets. We can chalk the last start up to some bad luck because Corbin's velocity & whiff remain just as elite as they were last season.

D.May: Dave Roberts finally took the training wheels off of May's bike...In his last start (against SDP who he faces tonight) he went 6 innings, allowed 3 H, 2 ER, & 8 K's. May is likely going to be highly owned because of his crazy affordable price tag on both FD (7.5K) & DK (7.7K). As long as the ownership here isn't too crazy tonight, I'll be looking to go over the field here as I like to do anytime there is a pitcher with May's upside.

Update: I can't believe how low RG projections are on some of these pitchers, our projections are WAY higher on several key arms

EX: RG has May @ 9.72 DK, 18 @ FD

We have May at what I feel is a conservative 15.07 DK, 27 ish on FD. And that to me, is conservative.

Secondary Arms

K.Gibson: GB pitcher vs. a GB hitting team? Sign me up. Gibson induces grounders at 52% & the Mariners as a team hit grounders 42% of their ABs. It also helps that the Mariners strike a ton vs. RHP (26.4%) & Gibson has a respectful K% of 22.9%.