MLB Takeoff 8/1: SP Roulette

I strongly recommend that not only do you get our projections, but that you find an optimizer that works best for you, no matter what type of player you are. From MME, to 20 max, to single entry, to cash games. An optimizer along with the right set of projections is the fast track to being a successful DFS player.

Over the first 10 games of action, we'll be breaking down the majority of probable arms to help acclimate you into MLB. Once the SPs get a start or two under their belt we'll be able to forget about pitch count limits and solely focus on the talent, matchup, and outlook.

Primary Arms

T.Glasnow: Let's not overthink this one as he is far & away the best pitcher on this slate. Glasnow and his ridiculous xFIP (2.82) & K% (33.5%) stroll into BAL for a dream matchup tonight. As of now Glasnow stands to be the most owned pitcher on the slate FD (29%) & DK (40%). If there are no reports of a pitch count for Glasnow tonight, then I would gladly match the field or even go over.

Secondary Arms

K.Maeda: Made us look smart his last time out when we were heavy on him and has another chance to do the same tonight against CLE. I'm not entirely sure why, but CLE's IRT opened at 4.4 and has been steadily dropping as the day has gone on as it is now down to 4.1. I'll take that as a good sign for us. The only way Maeda may run into trouble tonight is against CLE's LHH as his K% drops from 34% against RHH to 20% LHH. Maeda checks in under 8K on FD w/ single digit ownership, & on DK he's priced up to 9K & owned at 11%.