MLB Takeoff 7/6 Preview

Primary Arms

J.DeGrom: There aren't many words to say here as we are watching one of the best pitchers of our lifetime in the flesh. Just play the man, despite his high salary on both sites. What I was most encouraged by from his last start wasn't the fact that he struck out 14 hitters, it was...


C.Rodon: Whether we'll be able to play the WhiteSox's ace tonight is largely going to depend on the weather in Minnesota as there is heavy rain expected in the area around gametime. Rodon draws a matchup for the 2nd time in a row against this same Twins team except for this time around there is a possibility they'll be missing two of their best bats in Donaldson & Cruz. Last time out against them he fired off 5 innings while striking out 9 Twins & allowing 4 ER. Whether or not Donaldson & Cruz are out tonight, I like Rodon's chances at a much better outing this time around considering that was Rodon's worse start in