MLB Takeoff 7/29: Return of the Aces

I strongly recommend that not only do you get our projections, but that you find an optimizer that works best for you, no matter what type of player you are. From MME, to 20 max, to single entry, to cash games. An optimizer along with the right set of projections is the fast track to being a successful DFS player.

Over the first 10 games of action, we'll be breaking down the majority of probable arms to help acclimate you into MLB. Once the SPs get a start or two under their belt we'll be able to forget about pitch count limits and solely focus on the talent, matchup, and outlook.

SP Breakdown

I promise we'll be cutting down our write-ups and start zoning on a specific amount of arms once we get through 2 turns of the rotation. Until then, it's a tough call to only pick 1 or 2 for GPPs.

Primary Arms

G.Cole: Don't want to waste too much time here. He's arguably the most talented SP in the world and will be facing a team that can be prone to the K vs. much lesser skilled pitchers, so imagine here. High price but well worth it to at least match the field. I'm trying to find ways to go over.

J. Degrom: Another elite of the elite. The Redsox have been unable to get to some really bad pitchers so far, are they all of a sudden going to have their best game of the season vs. the likes of DeGrom and his near 32 K% talent? (Lol imagine).